The Cedric Dempsey Cancer Run is coming up again, and SEDS is taking part. At the next meeting there will be packets for everyone to fill out (you get free T-shirts if you help. There will also be phone books, etc., to help you. If we fill out all the packets and do everything right, we get 25% of all the funds we raise. Depending on who we send them to, this could turn out to be a substantial amount of money, which it wouldn't hurt to have right now. So take a few minutes and fill out the forms and get a T-shirt. We would greatly appreciate it!

SEDS sponsored a bonzai-picnic to Kitt Peak on September 17th. Two and a half carloads of happy campers drove to the Peak, undaunted by rainclouds as we approached the top. Luckily, by the time we had gotten a Bar-B-Q going, the weather had cleared. Grilling the food turned out to be an adventure. We recommend gallons of lighter fluid, twigs and dead leaves, and all the used charcoal you can find. Eventually things were cooking and we were able to get on with the day without any outbreaks of food poisoning. (Beware of the TumorBurger!!).

We took some very nice pictures of the scopes, wildlife, and other attractions. Stop by the office sometime and take a look at them. Overall, the trip was a success. We hope to see more people at our next bonzai and thanks to all who came to Kitt Peak.

Also, thanks to all who came to the Ice Cream Social (binge, actually). We saw a lot of new faces (just there for the ice cream?) and we hope to see you all again.

Andrea Vicars