Next SEDS Meeting:

David Kring of LPL will speak about evidence for the "K-T" impact, believed to be responsible for the mass-extinction some 65 million years ago

Wednesday, November 9th 7:00 pm, Space Sciences Bldg. Room 312

Our orbital dynamics specialist Andrew Tubbiolo has begun an orbital mechanics class. Actually, Andrew has two classes. For those with no calculus experience, the class will meet Saturday afternoons at 1 pm. The other class, for those with a calculus back ground, will meet on Sundays also at 1 pm.

If you are at all interested, please show up on the front steps of LPL (The Kuiper Space Sciences Building.

You will learn about the mechanics of launching, orbiting, and maneuvering about a planet or through the Solar System.

You will also learn about famous dead guys, like Tycho Brahe.