SEDS beckons you to delve into the wonders of The Ascending Node BBS, in operation since February, 1994. Perhaps it is only an extension of the world-renowned SL-9 archive, SEDS.LPL..., but for those of us without a slip line at home this BBS is the next best thing. As an extension of SEDS' Sparc 10, our BBS stands alone in offering space enthusiasts with a myriad of pertinent services. Although disappointing for some, we don't have x-Gigs of on-line adult files, but rather an extensive catalogue of images, data and utilities from out of this world (literally).

All you need at home is at least any kind of klunker computer with a 2400 bps modem and any shareware communications software. Over the phone line you can search through the various conference areas and download files to use on your computer at home. You can leave E-mail messages for other BBS users. For those who can't resist we have a few engaging on-line games, which allow you to play against other BBS users while you're logged-on.

The Ascending Node can boast that it has access to 6-Gigabytes of on-line space-related files and over 250 users. Support of the BBS is offered primarily by the generous funding from the University of Arizona Space Grant program, as well as registration dues from SEDS members. A year's registration on the BBS and SEDS membership is $10, which entitles a user to full access, but partial access is given for free. Registration on the BBS is granted automatically to all paid members of SEDS.