Editor's note

-from Andrea Vicars, Editor

SEDS will be expanding its newsletter distribution starting with this very issue. Now it is available in the Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering building and also in the office of our advisor, Dr. Eugene Levy, Dean, Faculty of Science, in Gould-Simpson. . In the near future we hope to add the Science Library to our distribution list. You can also pick up a copy of The Ascending Node in the SEDS office, Steward Observatory, PAS, outside the NASA Space Grant office, and Flandrau Planetarium.

Other changes are occuring as production of The Ascending Node continues. We have included a new section for Space Station updates as well as monthly puzzles on the back page. We hope to later include a regular comic strip, so if you are interesting in pursuing this, send email to node@seds.org. In our next issue, we will be trying a new feature, "Quotes Heard Around the Office," and contributions can be written on the dry-erase boards or submitted via e-mail.

Thanks to all our contributors for this month as your articles are greatly appreciated. If you would like to write an article (or even suggest one), send a message to node@seds.org. The next newsletter will hopefully be out before Thanksgiving. If you have any thoughts, ideas, or general criticisms that you feel should be addressed, don't hesitate to send us email. We love feedback from our readers, and our December issue will incude some of the comments we have received on The Ascending Node this semester.