Space Calendar

Oct 22 Orionids Meteor Shower

20th Anniversary (1975), Venera 9, Venus Orbit Insertion & Launching

Delta 2 Rocket Body Re-Enters Earth's Atmosphere

Oct 23 METEOR Conestoga Launch

Oct 24 Solar Eclipse, Visible from Southeast Asia & Indonesia

Oct 24 -6 Technology 2005 Conference, Chicago, Illinois

Oct 25 Zenit-2 Cosmos Launch (Russia)

Oct 25 Galileo Lecture, Pasadena, California

Oct 25-9 Meeting of the American Society for Gravitational and Space Biology, Virginia

Oct 27 Lineup of Jupiter, Mars, and Venus

Oct 27-9 Dynamic Sun Educators Conference, Pasadena, California

Oct 29 Daylight Savings - Set clock back 1 hour (USA)

Nov 1 Echostar-1 Long March Launch (China)

Nov 4 RADARSAT/SURFSAT-1 Delta-2 Launch (Canada)

Taurids Meteor Shower

MILSTAR 1-2 Titan 4 Launch

Nov 10 25th Anniversary (1970), Luna 17 Launch (Russian Moon Rover)

Nov 11 STS-74, Atlantis, 2nd Mir Docking

Infrared Space Observatory (ISO) Ariane 4 Launch

Gals Proton Launch (RussiaO