MINUTES for March 6, 1996


-Spring Break trip to Palmdale cancelled for the time being

-Next meeting in two weeks

Speaker: Dr. Marc Tishler

Topic: Space Flight Experiments in Biology

-In the 1st experiment studied what happens when you don't bear weight on muscles

-Wanted to do experiment on the role of gravity on how insects develop -On Earth the insect egg takes 5 days to hatch, there are 5 larvae stages which take 19 days to take place, they spend 3 weeks in the pupal period (metamorphosis), and then the adult experience

-What happens when they are brought up in a 90 degree head up position?

-Hypothesis:This may change their circulatory system

-In the on Earth experiment there were differences in development, there was a slow rate in amino acids coming out, the muscle was 20% larger, and produced 80% more steroid hormone

-If these changes happened because of a change in the gravity vector, what would happen when the gravity vector was removed? -NASA funded this research for 3 years

-During the shuttle experiment the insects only grew from a phase 3 to a phase 6

-They only developed for a few days

-The reason for this wasw because of the way the canisters were sealed and the CO2 levels

-What was learned was that the insects are very adaptable

-The experiment will refly on the shuttle in May