SEDS News - Elections

Greetings - After some confusion trying to find a copy of the current constitution, here's the deal.

You may all start open campaigning and nominating for the officer positions at UASEDS. We have President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The offices are held for the full school year, in this case Fall '96 and Spring '97. The summer is technically a period of transition where the previous officers are supposed to help the new officers get the hang of things. Unfortunately, in reality this is not always feasible as I will be moving in June.

These positions will be open for nomination and campaigning until the last meeting of the semester on April 17th, 1996. Please have your nominations in before the meeting that evening at 7PM. There will be a period for nominees to give a brief speech on why they wish UASEDS to vote them into office, then the dues paid members present will vote. It is very important that all members be at this meeting so that your voice/vote may be heard. Here are some descriptions of the positions.

I hope that some of the many new members from this semester will use this opportunity to get even more involved in SEDS. Good luck to our nominees!

President Coordinates all activities of the organization Liaison to University community Official representitive of organization Calls regular and special meetings Presides agenda for meetings Consults with faculty advisor Assists Treasurer in fund collection and dispensing in accordance with the goals and programs of the organization

Vice-President Assumes duties of President, when necessary Assists President in coordinating activities Oversees committee activities

Secretary Maintains accurate and current information of the organization and membership Assists Pres/Vice-Pres in coordinating organizational activities Keeps accurate minutes of each meeting and forward copies to other officers Keeps attendance records for meetings Consults with faculty advisor Coordinates communication between the UA SEDS chapter, SEDS-USA, and other SEDS chapters

Treasurer Liaison to Office of Student Activities and Organizations for the purpose of organizational funding Maintains accurate and current account of all organizational funds Responsible for dispensing of funds in accordance with goals and programs established by the organization Collects dues Consults with faculty advisor