UASEDS Project Update

SEDSAT Groundstation

The University of Alabama in Huntsville SEDS is in the final stages of construction of SEDS' first satellite - "SEDSAT". The University of Arizona SEDS has been asked by the SEDSAT team to develop the primary satellite ground station and data archive for the SEDSAT project.

So far, several SEDS members have studied and passed their tests to get their "HAM" license, and some initial systems have been set up in the University of Arizona Amateur Radio Club's "HAM Shack". SEDS members are also continuing to learn the intricacies of satellite communications.

Presently there is a proposal submitted to several Arizona aerospace companies and we are awaiting word on funding for the approximately $12,000 project. We need approximately $5000 of this amount to really get started so if you know anyone with some extra money...

Hopefully some of our funding efforts will be successful and the next stage in the SEDSAT ground station project will be the acquisition of equipment and the assembly of the ground station.

Anyone who is interested in satellites, satellite communications, ham radio or data management on computers is welcome to participate in the project. No prior experience is necessary, as most of us have learned from scratch anyway and are willing to help others learn together.

More information about the project is available at

Interested parties should contact Chris Lewicki (Chris Lewicki.

UASEDS Telescope Project

Last semester a six inch mirror blank was donated to SEDS and plans immediately went into effect for a 6" f/9 Newtonian reflector. A grinding stand was built and grinding commenced. After a few weeks it was suggested that the dust particles in our earlier location might cause untold scratches on the surface of the mirror. Terry Bressi was able to find us a nitch in Dr. Bickel's lab over in the Physics building early this semester and the move was completed last night. Also a recent journey to Bob Goff's mirror lab has left us with a beautiful bevel and a perfectly flat back side to our mirror. We plan to continue this project working on weekends and weeknights according to when people can make it.

Anyone is welcome to join in on the fun, learn a little bit about optics, and partake in this not so widely known artform. If you would like to get involved with the project or find out more about it please send e-mail to Aaron Schultz ( or Terry Bressi (