Space: Triumph & Tragedy

The 40+ years of space exploration have produced some of the most significant achivements of humankind. Like all of our greatest accomplishments, remarkable courage has been necessary to overcome adversity, delay, and even disaster. The space age continues; triumph and tragedy alike will also continue. We present some of these momentous stories.

Dawn of the Space Age
Sputnik & Explorer
The Vanguard Series
The Right Stuff
Gagarin & Shepard
Fire On the Pad
Apollo 1
The First Men in the Moon
The Apollo Program
"Lucky 13"
Apollo 13
Going To Work In Space
The Space Shuttle
The N1
The Venera Program Soyuz 1
The Grand Tour
Pioneer 10 + 11, Voyager 1 + 2
Soyuz 11
Mir Challenger
HST Repair Attempt No Mapping Here
Phobos, Mars Observer and Mars98
Galileo Long March
Pathfinder Space Debris Collisions


Concept by Mike Dicenso and Guy McArthur
Text by Mike Dicenso
HTML & Graphics by Guy McArthur
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