The Cape

[Logo for The Cape]The official Web site for the syndicated drama about the shuttle program is filled with information about the series. Read biographies of the main characters, learn more about shuttle, and get summaries of past episodes and teasers about future ones. Turn on the image loading in your browser and be patient, though: the site relies almost exclusively on image maps and large graphics. The site is not without its quirks, either: do we really need to know the horoscopes of the characters? And why is there a schedule for the Los Angeles Galaxy of Major League Soccer on the site?


[Logo for Space.Edu]In the past, enrolling in the University of North Dakota's innovative Masters program in Space Studies meant making a move to Grand Forks. That's not the case anymore, thanks to "Space.Edu", the university's Internet-based virtual campus. Students can enroll in the same courses as offered on campus in the program. Online classes and discussions take the place of physical class sessions. Even the bookstore will be online soon. I'm sure even the homework excuses will be innovative: "I didn't turn in the assignment because my dog ate the modem."

The Whole Mars Catalog

As all the hype and hoopla that surrounded the discovery of evidence of ancient life in a Martian meteorite has died down, it's time to sort out all the resources that appeared in the days and weeks after the announcement. The Whole Mars Catalog, brought to you by the creators of NASA RIF Watch and the Utterly Unofficial Space Shuttle Mission Guides, is a thorough guide to Mars-related resources. From news of the announcement itself to background information on Mars to fiction and the inevitable sites about the Face on Mars, it's all been packed into the catalog.

International Space Station

The official Web site for the International Space Station has been the beneficiary of a redesign. The site now has new-and-improved graphics to complement its information about the current status and future plans for the space station. Some of the pages in the site are still under construction, but those that are finished look very good.

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