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NASA Small Shuttle Payloads Info
NASA Shuttle Small Payloads Project at Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC)
Hitchhiker References
Spartan Lite Hitchhiker System
Other University Satellites Projects

Arizona State University
ASUSat 1 Subsystems

Stanford University
  Space Systems Development Laboratory- SAPPHIRE - Stanford Audiophonic-Photographic Infrared Experiment
  OPAL - Orbiting Picosat Automatic Launcher

Santa Clara University 
Barnacle Satellite Project

List in formation

Radiation Environment

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (NASA/JPL) RADATA-Interactive Radiation Effects Database

JPL EEE Parts Program 

Radiation Effects and Analysis

NASA Lewis Research Center 
Space Environment Effects Branch

Department of Defense (DOD) Nuclear Information Analysis Center 
Electronics Radiation Response Information Center

National Information Center for Reliability Engineering
at the University of Maryland-College Park
Small Satellites
Summary of Amateur Satellites and Programs

University of Surrey (UK)
Small Satellites Homepage
International Journal of Small Satellite Engineering

The Annual AIAA/Utah State University
Conference on Small Satellites
 Proceedings of the 10th Annual AIAA/Utah State University Conference on Small Satellites

 Information on AIAA/USU's Annual Student Scholarship Competition
Emerging Technologies

  Technology and Applications Programs Directorate

  Center for Space Microelectronics Technology

  Semiconductor Lasers for NASA Applications

  Second Generation Microspacecraft
- Technology Transfer and Commericialization

NASA Office of Space Science

  Advanced Technology and Mission Studies
  Advanced Technology Initiatives

Satellite links

Spacecraft Project Normal Bitterness Curve

Top Ten Small Satellite Names

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December 13, 1999
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