SSP Organization Chart as of April 26 2000
: Science 1 for Lightning/Sprite Investigation
SC2: Science 2 for Stellar Photometry
LCS: Laser Communications
DCH: Data & Command Handling
GNC: Guidance & Navigation Control
TTC: Tracking, Telemetry & Command
PGD: Power Generation & Distribution
MSA: Mechanical Structure & Analysis

Explanation of Chart

Talent Pool of Students and Mentors 
The principal resources of SSP are the committed students and mentors. In the strucral diagram, the Pool represents the students and mentors who are not attached to any specific team or panel, but who can be of service when their special talents are needed by any of the teams. There should be an accurate list for matching purpose. 

Six teams, corresponding to science and the 5 subsystems represented by the catagory of proposals, are shown in the structural diagram. Adding teams as needed will not affect the structure. Each team, with its Team Leader (TL) and Team Mentor (TM), is autonomous, but the TL is responsible to the Project Lead for the running of the team and all tasks to be accomplished by that team. When conflict or crisis arises within a team or bewteen TLs, the Project Lead may form an ad hoc committee of mentors to help resolve the problem. 

Project Lead 
The Project Lead (PL) consists a Project Coordinator (PC), PC-elect, and Past PC, in a given year. The PC is responsible for the entire Project. The PC is assisted by the PC-elect and Past PC in carrying out that responsibility. The PL has the service of an Administrative Satff. The PL receives advice from the Project Mentor, Administrative Mentor, the Advisory Panel and the Mission Panel. It is the PL's responsibility to keep all advisory bodies informed of the Project's progress or the lack of. 

Administrative Staff 
The tasks and size of the Administrative Staff (AS) is defined by the PL at the advice of the Administrative Mentor. 

Administrative Mentor 
The Administrative Mentor (AM) is responsible for advising the PL and the AS in administrative matters necessary to keep SSP functional as an organization. 

Mission Panel 
The Mission Panel (MP) consists mentors other than the Team Mentors. The MP reviews and advises the PL on overall scientific and technical matters on a weekly basis to keep the project on course. 

Advisory Panel 
The Advisory Panel (AP) is the continuation of the Evaluation Selection Panel (ESP), that set SSP on course for its first mission. The advice of the AP is sought at design reviews and other critical moments at the request of PL. 

Project Mentor 
The Project Mentor (PM) to the PL is like the TM to the TL

Student Distribution Chart

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August 03, 2000
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