List of Participants

SSP Contact Persons:

Jonathan P Alberding

SSP Project Lead and Graduate Student in Aerospace Engineering

Ke Chiang Hsieh

SSP Project Mentor and Professor of Physics

List of Faculty Mentors

List of past and present SSP participants

Evaluation and Selection Panel (ESP)

Mission Advisory Pool (MAP)

Student Distribution Chart

Participating Departments and Colleges


Robert l. Gonzales
President and CEO
Greater Tucson Economic Council

Edward D. Harrow Jr.
Executive Director
The Arizona Aerospace Foundation

Don Ruedy
Director Of Engineering Process &Tools
Raytheon Systems Company

Richard Van Riper
Chief Engineering Fellow
Honeywell Satellite Systems Operation

John Jost
Vice President Technical Staff & Chief Engineer
Satellite Communications Group. Motorola

Chandru Mirchandani
Chief Microelectronics Engineer
Lockheed-Martin Space Missions Systems

Bobby Ulich
Vice President
Kaman Aerospace Corporation

Peter Likins
The University Of Arizona

Thomas W Peterson
College Of Engineering and Mines, University Of Arizona

Richard C. Powell
Optical Sciences Center, The University Of  Arizona

Eugene H Levy
Dean College of Sciences 
The University Of Arizona

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March 30, 2000
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