2007 National Awards

You can make nominations for the awards listed below by completing the official nomination form and emailing it to SEDS.National.Awards@gmail.com. Self-nominations are also accepted. The awards will be presented at the SpaceVision2007 banquet this coming November. Preference will be given to those who attend the national conference.

The nomination form may be accessed by clicking here


SEDS Executive Member of the Year (1 award given) This executive board member made the most outstanding contributions to SEDS this year. This person made the most significantly impacted the organization as a whole and demonstrated excellent leadership ability, dedication, hard work, and persistence.
SEDS Local Executive Member of the Year (1) This local executive board member served his or her chapter in the best way possible. This member stood out from the rest in terms of accomplishment and achievement for his or her chapter.
SEDS Member of the Year (1) This member of SEDS was not necessarily on an executive board, but nonetheless has made an outstanding contribution to SEDS either locally or nationally.
SEDS Alumni of the Year (1) This SEDS alumni has mentored and advised SEDS in the most helpful and useful way. This alumni was in constant contact with SEDS members and has never ceased to offer suggestions and advice.
SEDS Chapter of the Year (1) This chapter was the highest achieving chapter and displayed the SEDS vision at every opportunity. This chapter worked on a variety of projects and made a great effort to interact with other members nationally. This chapter should serve as a model for other chapters.
SEDS High School Member of the Year (1) This high school member did the most in terms of developing the SEDS vision among his or her peers. This member made great contributions in developing SEDS for the high school age group.


Spectrum Award for Best Supporting Organization (1-3) This organization made the most influential contributions to SEDS this year. This is an organization that SEDS admires and appreciates for their continued support and effort.
Andromeda Award for Professor of the Year (1-2) This professor inspires students through his or her teaching, research and contributions to the space community. SEDS members have been inspired by this professor to continue their quest for knowledge both inside and outside the classroom.
Sirius Award for Most Inspiring Professional (1-3) This professional is held in the highest regard in terms of personal achievement and impact on the space community. SEDS members aspire to have the characteristics of this professional: enthusiasm, dedication, leadership, a refined skill set, and big dreams.
Draco Award for Most Influential Company (1-2) This company shares SEDS` vision for opening up space and making it accessible to everyone. This company is highly sought after by members for employment.


Todd B. Hawley Award for Student Leadership (1)
Award for Student Technical Project of the Year (1)
Award for Space Outreach (1)
Award for Greatest Influence on the Space Community (1)
Award for Best Space Journalist/Artist (1)
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