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Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS) Home


Pro Space`s March Storm
Date: March 3-7, 2007
Location: Washington DC
Website: http://www.prospace.org/
For Info: fjohnson@arachnerd.com
IEEE Aerospace Conference
Date: March 3-10, 2007
Location: Big Sky, MT
Website: http://www.aeroconf.org/
For Info: david.f.woerner@jpl.nasa.gov
Discounts: $500 student rate (doesn`t look like they are too willing to give significant discounts)
Lunar and Planetary Science Conference
Date: March 12-16, 2007
Location: Houston, TX
Website: http://www.lpi.usra.edu/meetings/lpsc2007
For Info: webmaster@lpi.usra.edu
45th AAS Goddard Memorial Symposium
Date: March 20-21, 2007
Location: Adelphi, Maryland (University of Maryland University College)
Website: http://www.astronautical.org/
For Info: 703-866-0020
Space Access `07
Date: March 22-24, 2007
Location: Phoenix, AZ
Website: http://www.space-access.org/
For Info: space.access@space-access.org
Space Foundation`s 23rd National Space Symposium
Date: April 9-12, 2007
Location: Colorado Springs, CO
Website: http://www.nationalspacesymposium.org/
For Info: (719) 576-8000
Yuri`s Night World Space Party
Date: April 12, 2007
Location: Your Hometown! Register your party today!
Website: http://www.yurisnight.net
For info, contact Loretta Hidalgo at loretta@yurisnight.net
Discounts: no charge for attendance
AIAA Regional Conference
Date: April 27-28, 2007
Location: Boston, MA (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Website: http://web.mit.edu/aiaa
For Info: ruijie@mit.edu
NSS International Space Development Conference
Date: May 24-28, 2007
Location: Dallas, Texas
Website: http://isdc.nss.org/2007/
For Info: (202) 429-1600
Discounts: Student rate of $30; also, volunteer opportunities available. If interested, please contact mclinkor@mit.edu
Space Frontier Foundation`s NewSpace Conference (Former Return to the Moon Conference)
Date: July 18-21, 2007
Location: Washington DC
Website: http://www.space-frontier.org/Events/NewSpace2007/
For Info: joegillin@verizon.net
Discounts: free discounts for volunteers
Utah State Small Satellite Conference
Date: August 13-16, 2007
Location: Logan, UT (Utah State University)
Website: http://www.smallsat.org/
For Info: (435) 797-4656
AIAA/AAS Aerodynamics Specialists Conference
Date: August 19-23, 2007
Location: Mackinac Island, MI
Website: http://www.space-flight.org/
For Info: (301) 286-9818
Mars Society Conference
Date: August 30-September 2, 2007
Location: Los Angeles, CA (University of California)
Website: http://new.marsstuff.com/c/Conventions/2007/tenth-international-mars-society-convention
For Info: Mzubrin1@aol.com
Discounts: $40 registration for students, free for volunteers to be determined on case-by-case basis
X Prize Cup
Date: October 26-28, 2007
Location: Holloman Air Force Base
Website: http://www.xpcup.com/index.cfm
For Info: (323) 957-0729
Discounts: Volunteer Opportunities Available = free admission
Galaxy Explorers Space Educators Workshop
Date: November 5-6, 2007
Location: Goddard Space Flight Center
For Info: (877) 761-1266 or rickm@foge.org
SEDS National Conference SpaceVision 2007
Date: November 9-12, 2007
Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts
Website: http://spacevision.seds.org
For Info: (704) 609-7416
Canadian Space Summit
Date: November 17-18, 2007
Location: Calgary, AB
Website: http://www.css.ca/summit2007/
For Info: (704) 609-7416
SAIC: AIAA Space Exploration Conference
Date: December 4-6, 2007
Location: Houston, TX
Website: http://www.aiaa.org/content.cfm?pageid=230&lumeetingid=1487
For Info: exploration@aiaa.org
Please email Ryan McLinko at mclinkor@mit.edu if you or anyone from your chapter is interested in attending (or already planning on attending) any of these events. By communicating and cooperating in our travel plans we can pool resources, save money, and represent SEDS as a cohesive group.
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