How to Make Donations to SEDS

SEDS does many cool things from launching rockets to performing experiments on Zero-G flights, all of which take money. SEDS has also started a Travel Fund to help its members attend conferences and space related activities (SpaceVision, International Space Development Conference, X-Cup, etc.), so that they can take an active role in the space industry. The Travel Fund is used to provide financial aid to the students to cover travel expenses to the selected events.

If you would like to help fund these activities please use either of the payment methods below. Be sure to state if your donation is for Projects, Travel Fund, or General.

For check or money order:
c/o John A. Evans
1500 John Wesley Way NW
Apt. 193
Huntsville, AL 35816

For credit card please use PayPal:
Click here to pay with PayPal
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