SEDS-USA Email Distribution Lists

SEDS-Announce Email List

The seds-discuss list is for announcements about SEDS-USA programs from the executive board. All, including non-students, are welcome to join this list to learn more about upcoming events.
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SEDS-Discuss Email List

The seds-discuss list is for general discussion of any space-related topic. All students are welcome to join the discussion.
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SEDS-L archives: 1992-1996
SEDS-L archives: 1996-2002
seds-discuss archives: 2002-present

SEDS-Chapters Email List

The seds-chapters list contains all official SEDS-USA announcements that are sent out to chapters. The membership of this list consists of the officers of all SEDS-USA chapters. For access to the list, please email the Chapter Affairs Director.
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