Chapter Starter Kit

Dear Student,

Thank you for taking an interest in SEDS-USA. SEDS is a society of students from around the world, promoting the idea that space exploration should no longer be a dream, but a reality for everyone! We do this in several ways, but the most basic way is to reach out to fellow students and share our ideas and inspirations.

SEDS-USA has undergone massive changes recently and is regaining much of the former strength that made it one of the country’s strongest space societies. The organization is rapidly approaching goals that we set for ourselves and for each other; however, the strongest organizations are those interested in broadening their borders and earning new members.

This is why SEDS needs you. SEDS is always in a state of growth. As a student you are in an outstanding position to help SEDS grow, both at your school and the national level. We at SEDS rely on our chapters to succeed and it is only by your enthusiasm that we will be able to take our goals from vision to reality. Only through your work will a new level of space enthusiasm be brought to your fellow students.

We stand on the shoulders of our predecessors. It is now time to take the next step and support each other. The future of space exploration lies in the students of today. I encourage you to explore your opportunities with this group of students that believes in this principle as much as you do. We all look forward to working with you very soon!


Damion Lucas
SEDS-USA Director of Chapter Affairs, 2007

Chapter Starter Kit

ChapterStarterKit: Introduction - Introduction to SEDS-USA and the Chapter Starter Kit
ChapterStarterKit: Structure - The Structure of SEDS-USA
ChapterStarterKit: Basics - Chapter Basics
ChapterStarterKit: Campus - Using Your Campus "Home"
ChapterStarterKit: Projects - Programs, Activities, & Technical Projects
ChapterStarterKit: Publicity - Publicity & Advertising
ChapterStarterKit: First Meeting - Your First Meeting
ChapterStarterKit: Communications - Communications
ChapterStarterKit: Finances - Finances
ChapterStarterKit: SEDS-USA - Membership and SEDS-USA
ChapterStarterKit: Constitution - Chapter Constitution and Continuity

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