They Were There

SEDS is ready to launch its newest National Project! The goal of this project is to collect interviews from top space professionals in current and past space industries and to create a database of their wisdom and advice that is accessible to SEDS members.

We need your help!

If you would like to interview one of these space professionals, you can! SEDS will match you with someone and provide some suggestions on conducting the interview, including possible questions to ask. Then, you will conduct the interview and report back to us what you have learned. A written summary of your interview will be published on our website and on our national blog. This is a great way to develop a personal relationship from someone who "has inside scoop" and has "been around the (space-related) block", so to speak.

Please click here for a list of interview questions and instructions.

Email or if you are interested in conducting an interview and getting published. If you have any preference on what type of professional you would like to interview, please include that as well and We will try to make a match as soon as possible. Check our website for new interview postings and updates on the project.
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