Zero Gravity Flight

During the 2005-06 academic year SEDS-USA issued a call for competitive proposals from SEDS Chapters to fly in Zero Gravity. Six chapters proposed projects they would be interested in flying in Zero-Gravity. Despite funding issues, University of Washington SEDS and the University of Central Florida SEDS were still able to fly their projects late in the summer of `06.

This year SEDS National plans to again call for competitive science proposals from member chapters. These proposals will then be reviewed by SEDS Board Members and Alumni, the best proposals being given seats aboard a "SEDS Zero Gravity Flight".

The goal of this project is to provide the opportunity to preform real science in microgravity to engineering and science students at the undergraduate level, above and beyond that which they would normally experience during their education.

Interested students, chapters, and sponsors should contact the Director of National Projects for SEDS-USA, Joshua Nelson at:
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