From the President:

Welcome back for the 1995-96 school year here at the University of Arizona. It is an honor to be included in this year's organizational force for the UA SEDS organization. Last year's officers have left a great momentum of projects and enthusiasm for this year's staff to maintain. UA SEDS is currently known for its very large involvement with the internet via its large collection of space images, software, and information stored at the SEDS FTP and World Wide Web sites. Even Sun Microsystems has recognized this achievement with the grant of our SparcStation 10. This summer has also seen the initial debut of the UA SEDS high powered rocket which had its long awaited first launch in August. Countless hours by many members have made these few events and many others, like this newsletter, a reality.

This year's officers have many plans, which include and expand upon the past projects. We intend to organize and attempt to fund as many projects this year as humanly possible to allow every member of UA SEDS the opportunity to get involved. My own personal ideas include the construction of a club telescope and the start of a firm educational outreach program with the local schools. As always though, it comes donut the people who do the work and make things happen. Members' ideas and efforts constitute the vast majority of UA SEDS activities, so it is of vital importance to have strong, motivated people ready and willing to help. The officer staff intends to support those members in every way possible.

Anyone affiliated with the University of Arizona is a welcome member at UA SEDS. The chapter is especially interested in the provision of an educational environment to students, but is open to everyone interested in space and willing to lend a helping hand. Our membership currently includes students of all ages, UA faculty and staff, alumni, and members of the Tucson community interested in promoting space awareness. We have regular meetings that are open to the public and generally have guest speakers who present their own research and developments for the space sciences. You may attend one of these meetings to learn more about becoming a part of UA SEDS, or contact us at (520) 621-9790 or by email at UASEDS@SEDS.ORG. Dues are $15 a year and pay for access to all of UA Sides many resources, projects, knowledge, and friendly assistance with each. Hope to hear from you soon. - Tim VanDevender