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* To satisfy the Human curiosity and imagination.

* Because EuroDisney is too far away.

* Gives the Military Industrial Complex something else to work for other than a new enemy.

* New commercial markets

* To go to planets that have no space technology and land in front of old farmers (and others that nobody will ever believe) and dance around with silly plastic antenna on our heads while saying "Bleep, bleep, bleep"

* Greater international cooperation and competition

* mining and resource utilization

* New energy sources (solar power satellites)

* survival of the human race

* Well, the restaurants on Mars are pretty good, but they have no atmosphere * Sex in Zero-G!!! (In space, no one can hear you scream)

* Protection of our environment

* Romulan Ale

* Scientific research and exploration

* You never know when your planet might have to be demolished to make way for a hyperspacial bypass

* Preserve the human species in case of catastrophic events on Earth

* Those Klingons really know how to party!

* To be able to "jet ski" in and out of the rings of Saturn

* To see of Gary Larson really lives on the "Far Side"