URL of the Month

September's URL of the Month is http://www.cris.com/~psyspy/area51, Area 51 Research Center. This interesting site contains information on base operations, investigations, theories, testimonials (from locals and from scientists, researchers, and security guards), secret aircraft, and UFOs. The site also features a Frequently Asked Questions list, access to the newsletter Groom Lake Desert Rat, photos (and some artist renderings), and a mail-order catalog to make the site complete for over-the-net shoppers. If you hold an avid interest in Area 51 activities or would like to contribute information, this is the site for you. Definitely stop by this site!

The second URL of the Month for September is the Comet Hale-Bopp Home Page located at http://newproducts.jpl.nasa.gov/comet. This site features up-to-date images and animations as well as links to observation home pages and information for non-astronomers. There is also material on how the comet was named and first observed. Links are also available to other Hale-Bopp home pages. There a few animations and filtered images available. Images stem all over and are available in a variety of formats so be sure to check it out. This site is continuously updated.