Projects and Updates

Fundraising: Anyone have any ideas? Past support came from member dues, the Space Grant program, corporate grants, and ASUA. If you have any useful information you can email the President Tim Van Devender ( or the Treasurer Chandra Savage (

High-Powered Rocketry (HPR): Even after the launch at LDRS in Reno, Nevada in August, there is much more that can be done with the "Act of God" rocket and HPR in general. Input on the project is welcome. Send email to

SEDS on the World Wide Web: Our WWW server has become extremely popular and is constantly being updated. New pages in the works include Arsenal (a guide to rockets and space vehicles past and present) and Space Survey (which will guage public opinion concerning the direction and pace of space exploration). If you have an idea for a page you would like to create, let us know. Many have learned HTML and can help those who want to learn it. Contact a href="">, or for the Arsenal page, or

SEDS BBS: In the coming year registered BBS users will have online internet access through the SEDS server. If you are interested in PC door programming, contact and (Sysops).

The Ascending Node Newsletter: The newsletter has campus-wide distribution as well as a few international readers. Articles are welcome and if you are itnerested in contributing, contact or


(Compiled by Guy McArthur)