Events and Goings On

PUMPKIN LAUNCH Saturday, October 28th

-Bring your own small pumpkins (3 pounds or less) out on the mall Saturday afternoon (watch postings on and our various mailing lists for exact time). Some motors can be purchased at the launch, but if you have your own (up to E sizes), you are welcome to bring them. SEDS is an equal opportunity launcher so all fruits and vegetables are welcome. For more information, send email to

New Flandrau Exhibit

-SEDS has a new exhibit in the Flandrau Planetarium featuring Comet Hale-Bopp. The display provides general information on comets, their origin, and why they are of interest to scientists and the general public. The display was put together by SEDS members Warren Ockrassa and Michael Koller. Stop by and check it out!


-October 25 (Speaker: Humberto Compins)

-November 8

-November 29

If you are interested in joining SEDS, you are welcome to come to the Pumpkin Launch and to our meetings. Dues are $15 for the year and $10 for the semester.


-SEDS will be sellling cool t-shirts in the near future so keep an eye out for announcements on where and where to purchase them.