STS-75 Mission Highlights


February 22, 1996

approximately 3:18 P.M. EST

Kennedy Space Center's Launch Complex 39-B

predicted return: March 7 @ 7:32 A.M. EST

mission length - 13 days, 16 hours, 14 minutes


Tethered Satellite System - The refight of this payload, designated TSS-1R, is important in helping scientists explore and understand the possible space applications of tether technology. Some of the applications that are being considered are listed below:

Microgravity Payload - This payload, USMP-3, is part of ongoing research efforts in the development of new materials and processes that could begin a new generation of computers, electronics, and metals. Scientists are using this payload in order to be able to produce better semiconductors and other high-tech electronics and stronger metal alloys for automobiles and aircraft. The near-weightless environment available in space allows scientists to gain new, clearer perspectives on the laws of nature and removes the effect of gravity, which often overshadows or distorts measurable results.