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Above: The Boeing Delta II Rocket with SEDSAT-1, DS-1 and NASA emblems launches on the morning of October 24th (Image courtesy of NASA).

The SEDSAT 1 project has grown from a simple project begun by two students and their mentors, to an international project with volunteers worldwide, making a significant impact on the development and utilization of advanced technology for the general space program. The amateur radio communications and the educational opportunities that will be afforded by SEDSAT 1 will be used to educate students of all ages in technological pursuits for the advancement and betterment of all mankind.

Satellite Launched October 24, 12:08:00.525 UTC!
Launch Photos
See the assembly photos of SEDSAT-1.
Tracking and Telemetry
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Contact Information
The University of Alabama in Huntsville
Room 273 Engineering Building
Huntsville, AL 35899
(256) 890-6912


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