SEDS Earth, Atmosphere, and Space Imaging System Board (SEASIS)


Fully Tested and Functional

Main Processor
-Inmos T805 transputer, 20Mhz, 32-bit.
-128 MBytes EDAC Protected DRAM
-2 MByte Static Memory for Shared Memory Interface (SMI)
-4 High Speed Serial Links - 20MBit/Second each:
-Link 0: Interface to the CDS
-Link 1-3: Interface to DSP's
-On-Board 4-Channel (currently only 2 are used: one for the Tele-Photo, and the other for the PAL) NTSC Video Digitizer, upto 20MSPS .
Power Consumption
-I/O, Cameras, and Motors with separate power-down features.
-1 Watt in Standby Mode (with DRAM Refresh).
-3-5 Watts while Digitizing and running user tasks.
I/O Logic
-Stepper Motors, CCD Camera Functions, Iris Control, Digitizer Controls.


Seasis PCB in testing phase.

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