Life on Mars?

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Life on Mars?

Was There Once Life on Mars?

In August 1996 a team of scientists from NASA and Stanford University announced that they had found possible evidence of primitve life that once existed on Mars. Was this announcement the scientific discovery of the century, or will this discovery become the astronomical equivalent of the cold fusion controversy?
     Use this Web site to learn more about the discovery, read updated Mars-related articles from the pages of SpaceViews and SpaceViews Update, and follow links to more online resources about Mars and this discovery.

*The Discovery
Read a detailed article about the discovery announcement, as well as other articles written at the time of the discovery on topics from SNC meteorites to reactions by the President and space activists.

*Story Index
Read later articles about the discovery and other Mars-related stories, including accounts of the launches of Mars Global Surveyor, Mars Pathfinder, and the Mars-96 incident.

*Related Links
We maintain a list of links about the announcement as well as background information. This includes links to the Science paper which reported the discovery, various press released, and sites with links to even more Mars resources.

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