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Hale-Bopp Links

Here is one of the most comprehensive lists of Hale-Bopp links available anywhere on the net. As of last count we had over 325 links to sites with images, viewing guides, and other information about the comet.

As comprehensive as this may be, there's no doubt that we missed a site or two, especially as new Hale-Bopp sites spring up. If you know of a site (including your own!) that's not listed here, use this form to let us know about it or e-mail with the URL and any other pertinent info.

New Sites
A list of new sites added to this list
Last updated 1997 May 7
Best Sites
A list of the best Hale-Bopp sites on the Web
8 sites, last updated 1997 March 8
Links to sites with general information about the comet
62 sites, last updated 1997 April 23
Links to hundreds of Hale-Bopp images on the Web
95 sites, last updated 1997 May 7
Observing Information
Links to information about how to find and observe Hale-Bopp
47 sites, last updated 1997 April 15
Links to information about past and present Hale-Bopp research
21 sites, last updated 1997 April 19
Other Links
Links to sites with their own lists of Hale-Bopp links
17 sites, last updated 1997 April 23
Other Languages
Links to Hale-Bopp information in languages other than English
46 sites, last updated 1997 May 7
Links to information and speculation about the Hale-Bopp "controversy"
28 sites, last updated 1997 April 10
Miscellaneous Hale-Bopp information
9 sites, last updated 1997 April 23

ANGELES TIMES PICK This site was awarded a Times Pick by the Los Angeles Times on 3/11/97.

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