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In July 1995, two amateur astronomers, working independently hundreds of kilometers apart in the American Southwest, discovered a new comet. In and of itself this is was not unusal, but when astronomers found that Comet Hale-Bopp was still more than 18 months and nearly a billion kilometers from perihelion, it soon gathered interest as a "Comet of the Century" candidate.

Will Hale-Bopp truly be a "Comet of the Century", or will it be a fizzle? Turn to this special Web site, sponsored by SpaceViews, for articles about the comet, information about observing the comet, and links to other online resources about the comet. Then, go outside and see the comet with your own eyes, and judge for yourself.

Original articles about the comet including the story of its discovery, the science behind the comet, and the comet controversies that have been debated on and offline for months.

Observing Information
We've placed some finder charts, lists of comet locations, and observing tips here for your use when planning your observations of the comet.

The most comprehensive list of Hale-Bopp related links on the Web, and your opportunity to add to the list.

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PHOTO CREDITS (top to bottom): Herman Mikuz, Crni Vrh Observatory, Slovenia; University of Sonora, Mexico; Alessandro Dimai, Piergiorgio Cusinato, Col Druscie Observatory, Cortina d'Ampezzo, Italy; Space Telescope Science Institute.